Deciding on an energy practitioner to work with can be a big decision. How can you be sure we’re a good fit? Is a session with me a good investment? Sometimes it helps to hear what others have to say. Below you will find a collection of testimonials from clients I have had the honor of working with over the years.

I had the pleasure of meeting Libby Brittain. We discussed gifts and one of her many gifts is communicating with animals, or as I refer to them, fur babies. I had Libby do a reading on my fur baby Sugar. Not only was she able to tune in and tell me Sugar’s thoughts and feelings, but also what Sugar needed me to know to move forward in my life path. She spotted items in my home and life in great detail, though she has never seen my home and knows nothing about my dreams and ambitions. I recommend that you get a reading from Libby Brittain. She also has other gifts that you can learn about on her website. A total natural with a calm, upbeat demeanor. Go Libby Brittain-top animal communicator! Namaste!

-Karen F.

Libby is not only a wonderful and caring person but she is amazing at what she does. She told me things about my deceased family members that were spot on. She can clearly connect with the other side.

During her connection with my deceased relatives, she was able to tell me things that only someone who was truly talking with them would know.

I would definitely recommend her services to others.

– Sarah F.

Two years ago, Libby Brittain did an ancestral healing on me. I had been suffering from severe tendonitis in my left elbow for years. 6 months prior to seeing Libby, I had seen a chiropractor, physical therapist, and acupuncturist on a weekly basis.

The pain was so severe, I couldn’t even carry my purse. Every moment of my life was filled with pain.

Libby, suggested an ancestral healing. Near the end of the session, I felt the pain drain from my elbow, and I was able to move it freely without pain.

Libby said she had performed, “energetic surgery.” She helped me heal generations of pain that were manifesting in my body. It has been 2 years and I’m happy to report I am still pain-free!

– Sofie K.

AC8F4BCA-C829-4692-8D02-8CEF57641823I’ve known Libby for over a year… She’s a beautiful soul and a very gifted medium… I asked her to do an animal communication session for one of my cats… she did a wonderful job and helped. I saw immediate changes with my cat after the session.
Adriana K.

E64585B8-629A-47C5-9AD9-D7F58228D784I would describe myself as more of a skeptic than a believer. But having had so many wonderful animals in my life, I couldn’t pass up the possibility to know their thoughts or feelings. Libby was extremely courteous as she explained her process, instantly put me at ease, and throughout the reading, she made sure to expand on certain aspects of what she was doing. I came away amazed; she so accurately captured my Fatface, my cat whom I called a best friend for 14 wonderful years. It made me so happy to hear everything she said. I would absolutely recommend her.

– Eric S.

Libby performed my first animal communication reading with myself and my dog Laney. She started off with a reading of me, during which she made references to exact inside jokes that my husband and I share. These are things that Libby would never have known because she had never met us and we’ve never posted these things on social media or anywhere she would have access. Next, she invited in our pup, Laney, and began describing her connection with my children. Libby was able to describe the connection between the three which, once again, she wouldn’t be able to have known without her beautiful gift. We also learned in the reading that Laney has a request we plan to fulfill in order to ensure she stays a happy girl! I highly recommend Libby for both human and animal readings because she is extremely talented and spot on.

– Laura S.

I had an excellent experience with Libby. She helped me feel at ease with her gentle manner as we got started, then shared very meaningful information concerning my cat and me. I will continue with her as I trust her feedback and find that what she shared will greatly benefit my cat. I highly recommend her.

– Lynda S.

Just had an AMAZING reading with Libby yesterday for my mini-dachshund, Lily!! She told me about things she couldn’t have possibly known about my dog AND myself. Libby, you are a truly gifted intuitive. Thank you for the information and insight into what was happening with my fur baby. Two thumbs up! Will definitely be calling you for another session!!

– Donna D.

I had a wonderful experience with a kind, sweet, intuitive person- Libby. Through her deep love and understanding of animals, she was able to help me with my two parrotlets, Dolly and Lolly. Her communication with the birds enabled me to resolve a situation regarding their health and well-being. Thank you, Libby!

Anne R.

I’ve tried to write this testimonial multiple times and each time my words feel inadequate to truly convey the deeply spiritual experience of working with Libby when our Rottweiler, Dezi, was preparing to cross the Rainbow Bridge. The peace and joy and laughter and kindness and tears that we all reveled in that day continue to guide us in moving forward without Dezi here on Earth with us. I continue to communicate with Libby on many spiritual topics and my heart is calmed and filled with light each time. Thank you from the depths of our souls. ❤

– Megan T.

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I had a session with Libby for animal communication. This was the best day of my life! It brought me so much joy to be able to talk to my cat and understand my journey with him. Plus, Libby is very dedicated and interested in her work, she is an exceptional intermediary, she gave me more than what I asked for in one session. I got an amazing value for what I paid for. I am considering having her as a mentor and can’t wait to continue this journey with her.

Thanks ❤

– Desiree V.

Libby is absolutely amazing! I felt so comfortable with her and connected to her energy! I have never enjoyed an animal reading session as much as I did with Libby, the best experience! She is down to earth, kind and sweet. She let me blab on for a long time and was patient with my interrupting bad habit. Libby is great you won’t regret it, worth every penny!

– Anna A.

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