Shamanic Energy Services

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Shamanic Illumination:

     During this one hour session, we’ll first talk a bit about what’s been coming up for you and what you hope to address by working with me. This helps me track and determine which energy clearing and balancing techniques are most in alignment with your needs. This may include soul retrieval, crystallized energy removal, and or fluid energy extraction work.

     Through the use of these shamanic techniques, I will journey on your behalf to retrieve any lost soul parts; little pieces of us that have left because of a situation or experience we had at one point that was unhealthy or felt unsafe. Common symptoms of this can be depression, or the chronic desire to fill a void via substance abuse or habitual excessive behavior. When we retrieve this piece we fill the void which allows us to break disempowering patterns and remap our world so that we may continue to heal and move through life in a healthier manner. In addition to retrieval work, I will balance your chakras, clear imprints, and extract any unsupportive energies that may be residing in your energy field. These imprints and energies can come from everyday stress, past traumas, and/or negative thought patterns. It’s important to clear them as they can manifest in ongoing and unwanted behaviors as well as physical disease or pain.

     This process is commonly referred to as a Shamanic Illumination. The goal is to release that which no longer serves us and to transform what we once viewed as wounds into empowering tools that will assist us in moving forward on our life’s journey in a healthier and happier manner.


• 90 minutes – $325

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Shamanic – Reiki Energy Session

I am currently offering sessions remotely over the phone. During a shamanic-reiki session, you and I will first talk a bit about what’s going on and if there are any areas you would like me to focus on specifically. Then, I’ll encourage you to just relax while I tune in and energetically re-align, balance, and clear your energy field. I’ll also remove any potential crystallized energy that may be impinging on your light-body, and manifesting as pain in your physical body. After the session is complete we’ll talk a bit and I’ll share with you what I did and what information came through that can assist you moving forward.


  • 30 minutes – $75
  • 60 minutes – $125
  • 4 Session Package – $400

There is an additional 2.9% payment processing fee added on at the conclusion of the session.

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