Below you will find some of my favorite companies whose products I use in my own day to day life. Some of them have discount codes or links which I’ve been sure to include in the descriptions below.


Not only hands down my favorite water bottle company but one of my favorite IG communities. Created by two women in San Francisco, their goal is to put an end to single use plastic bottles and make staying hydrated stylish. The silicon sleeves are removable and the glass bottles are not only eco friendly, they make your water taste better! They even have additional caps that will hold your soon to be favorite BKR lip balm! These bottles are strangely addictive so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Rebel Dawg

I’m obsessed with these tags! Each member of my fur- crew has a wardrobe of funny tags. Even my bird Cardi has one for her carrier. They are lightweight and feature large print on the back so contact info is easy to see. Oh, and they’ll even make a custom keychain of your fur-kid’s face! Everyone I’ve engaged with at Rebel Dawg has always been so kind. They even helped me make Maybelline’s beloved, “I’ll poop in your Louboutin,” tag. They’re based in NYC too so when you buy from them you know you’re supporting a local company.

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A magical line of flower essences. Available as elixirs, aura sprays, anointing oils, serums, and bath salts. They even have a flower essence infused lip balm to help you speak your truth! I started incorporating flower essences into my day to day life by adding the “Game Changer” elixir to my water. The changes I experienced were profound. I had better focus and didn’t feel overwhelmed or like I was continually failing the to-do list game. Lotuswei products have truly been an indispensable tool. Feel free to email me if you’d like to know more about my experience using flower essences or if you have any questions.

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If you’ve had a session with me then chances are I have mentioned the usefulness of grounding mats. This is the company I use and I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a game-changer their products have been for not only me but my dogs as well. Earthing products help you to release the electrical build-up that occurs naturally within us from being around wifi, telephones, outlets, etc. When we don’t neutralize this electrical charge we can begin to feel depleted, anxious, restless, or we may exhibit symptoms of inflammation. Research has found that when we have direct contact with the earth, it stabilizes our and restores our bioelectrical circuitry. In today’s world, we aren’t always able to take our shoes off and walk barefoot on the earth for 30 minutes to ground naturally. This is where Earthing mats come in handy.

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Emma Lou’s

If there is a holygrail of dog food this would be it! Emma Lou’s is such a wonderful company. All of their food is made of human-grade ingredients and arrives frozen to ensure freshness. Since putting my dogs on it about a year ago, all of them have been able to shed pounds… without acting like they are being starved. You can even email Emma Lou’s and they will help you figure out the right type of food and the correct amount to meet your dog’s dietary needs. And as if all of that weren’t enough, Emma Lous just released a flavor of food called, “Happy Cells,” which is specifically designed for dogs with cancer or who have a predisposition to cancer. Essentially, I love Emma Lous because it’s evident they care about what they are putting into their food and they care about the health and wellbeing of dogs. I know their food is made with love and that’s what I really want to feed my dogs.

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