Animal Remembrance Ceremony

In my practice as a soul level animal communicator and shaman, I often work with clients whose animals have passed. Intuitive readings between the human and pet can be helpful in gaining closure, but what I have found to be tremendously supportive is offering Animal Remembrance Despacho Ceremonies.

A Despacho is a prayer bundle made in ceremony. This tradition has been used for hundreds of years by the Laika, the high shamans, and wisdom keepers of the Q’ero lineage of Peru. It can be used to honor births, deaths, give gratitude, request healing, or balance the energy of the community and the land.

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During an Animal Remembrance Ceremony, I work with the client to learn what the pet’s favorite toys, treats, food, color, etc. were while they were alive. Then I’ll take time to connect with the animal in spirit and allow them to guide me to what they would like to include in their prayer bundle. More traditional ingredients to honor the land, sky, elements, and ancestors are incorporated as well. I take care to ensure that all aspects are environmentally friendly.

Once all of the ingredients are acquired, the family members and I will gather at a location of their choice. Typically a place that meant a lot to the animal. Over a few hours, we will build a multilayered mandala on top of a sheet of wrapping paper using the sentimental ingredients. Loved ones are encouraged to use their breath to gently blow a prayer, blessing, or emotion into each piece placed within the mandala. Essentially this is a time for the bereaved to share stories and let go of any feelings of sadness, regret, or guilt while also giving their faithful friend a tangible gift of unconditional love and gratitude to carry them on their way across the rainbow bridge.

An amazing transformation occurs energetically as the mandala nears completion. The spirits begin to lift as the flowers and carefully selected crystals are placed on top. Together we share any final words and wishes before wrapping the bundle up like a gift and tying it with a bow. Traditionally the prayer bundle is then returned to the earth by either burying it, placing it into a fire, or releasing it into the ocean. Whichever means my client feels most connected with is the option I like to use. The prayer bundle could also be buried with the animal or contain a portion of the cremains, depending on what feels most in alignment with the family. Every Remembrance Ceremony is as unique as the animal being celebrated.

Ultimately it’s about honoring the life of the pet and the bond shared between them and their loved one(s). It’s also about expressing gratitude for the lessons and contributions the animal brought forth during his or her lifetime. What makes the despacho so wonderful is that it’s done in ceremony and in such a way that reconnects each person with Mother Earth while reaffirming the unbreakable bond we share with the animal kingdom.

Time: 2-3 hours

Price: $500+

Price & Duration will vary depending on the size and location of the ceremony.

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